JCM gives the tools to get below the surface where the Holy Spirit does His work to heal, transform, and reconcile.
Fred Wevodau, Director U.S. Metro, Navigators


God has used JCM to do a deep work of sanctification in my heart and soul. After my first Potters Wheel, the Lord began to reveal that my underlying motives for ministry that weren't always for God's glory--but my own. Through JCM, God has pruned me and given me a passion for Him that is like honey for my soul. I highly recommend this ministry to everyone I know.
Kathy Collard Miller, international speaker and author of 49 books including Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries


Through the ministry of JCM my soul has been awakened to the deep reality of God's love. Jesus captured my heart as JCM ushered me into deeper repentance of the sin that kept me from reflecting His image to others. I pray this ministry reaches many. After 25 years of being a Christian, nothing has penetrated my heart in this way.
Tammy Cahill, Church Resource Ministries


JCM has helped me get in touch with wounded and sinful areas in my life and given me the tools to get below the surface with people I'm mentoring.
Mark Johnson, Navigators Staff, Denver Metro Area


JCM is a highly effective ministry. I've seen it encourage individuals to come out from behind their mask and live authentically in Christian community.
Bruce Cripe, World Vision International


I heartily recommend JCM to pastors, churches, and individuals. In our culture of moral confusion, spiritual ignorance, and sound bite spirituality, this ministry is a great blessing to the body of Christ.
Dr. Steve Tracy, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Phoenix Seminary