Come away to a secret place and rest for awhile. --Mark 6:31

sanctuaryFinding our fast-paced lives we rarely have time to focus on the problems we encounter until they are out of control.

We find ourselves overwhelmed and unable to see God's perspective. If spiritual help is available, it's usually one hour a week and then we must immediately reenter the demands of work and family.

In order to deal with the pain of the past that affects our lives today and the pain of unmet longings in our current relationships, we must allow our daily routine to be set aside. We rarely give ourselves this luxury.

Sanctuary can provide the protected, unhurried, nurturing environment to begin this healing process.

Sanctuary is not for everyone. You will need to bring a desire to know God at any cost and a commitment to do His will when He makes it clear.

When brought face to face with what the discord in your relationships says about your relationship with God, you must have a willingness to do whatever He shows you.

Change will come slowly because God is more interested in the process than the product, but you must be willing to choose change.

Sanctuary does not solve crisis situations or deal with surface problems. Instead, it addresses the underlying issues. At Sanctaury we provide a type of discipleship that will:

  • Help you know Christ more by leading you through your problems to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him
  • Provide opportunity for intense introspection away from the daily demands of life
  • Give time to focus on your relationship with your spouse (if you are married) with no interruptions
  • Allow you to center on what God is doing in your life and what He is trying to say to you through the struggles you are facing
  • Invite you to solitude for the purpose of communing with God and rekindling your love for Him and for your spouse (if you are married)

How it Works

During a 4 day Sanctuary a couple will have approximately 25 hours of focused discussion with a soul-care provider.During a 3 day Sanctuary an individual will have approximately 18 hours.

If you are married, this time will be spent as a couple with individual sessions appropriate to the presenting problems. Generally, individual work will be done with your spouse present unless otherwise decided.

Free Time

Free time will be spent in prayer, journaling about the things that have surfaced during soul-care and in dialogue and prayer (with your spouse if you are married).

We ask that this not be a time to shop or be a tourist. There is no television and we ask you not to visit friends or family if you have any in the Tucson area. There is a community pool; you might be interested in a relaxing swim.

There will be time to drive to Mt. Lemmon or hike the various nearby trails. These will be excellent opportunities to pray and discuss the issues God will bring to the surface.


The cost of Sanctuary is $2000 for a couple and $1500 for an individual.

One half of the cost will be due upon registration, which is non-refundable but can be transferred to another date or another couple or individual. The balance will be due upon arrival.

Days & Time

Sanctuary begins on Tuesday evening and will continue through Friday afternoon (idividual) or Saturday afternoon (couple).


Sanctuary guests stay at modest guest quarters in the Cepin's home located near the Historic Fort Lowell Army Post in Tuscon, AZ. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Soul Care Providers John and Patti Cepin have been providing soul-care for 31 years.