potter's wheel workshops

We must be able to identify the log in our own eye which blinds us to who we are and who God is, know what it looks like to remove it, and learn how to skillfully and wisely help someone else do the same with the speck in their own eye. (Matthew 7:5)

patti teaching at potter's wheelPotter’s Wheel is extremely intense, personal, and provocative. God shows up in amazing ways and a community of grace and safety is experienced (Heb 10:24-25).

Anyone currently involved in helping people grow in their faith in Christ , whether or not you are directly involved in discipleship, or soul-care ministry , will benefit from these workshops.

Potter’s Wheel training uses a variety of teaching methods, including interactive lectures, modeling of principles by the trainer in a live setting where the students are the soul-care recipients and the trainer is the soul care provider, assigned reading and writing personal application papers.

Potter's Wheel 1

  • addresses who we are as image bearers, how the Fall has distorted the image in us, and what we can do about it
  • the teaching identifies 4 key capacities (to engage in relationship, to think, to choose, and to feel) of God’s image as they are reflected in man and examines the damage done to each by the Fall

Potter's Wheel 2

  • addresses how we can skillfully and practically lead other along the path wisdom suggests toward maturity and dependence on God using the material presented in Potter’s Wheel I
  • learn how to help a person experience disappointed deep longings, identify his/her problem as a result of wrong relational patterns developed to protect him/her from further pain, invite him/her to accept agency and repent of self-protective patterns, and walk him/her toward dependence on God for whatever He chooses to provide


Prior to The Potter’s Wheel workshop there will be preparation required. When you schedule a workshop the particulars of each assignment will be sent to you.


Potter’s Wheel is a 5 day workshop which runs Wednesday through Sunday, from 7:30—6:30.

Each of the 5 days consists of 4 hours in the morning including prayer, teaching, questions and dialogue, and 5 hours in the afternoon after lunch, during which time students bring a real, personal, current struggle to the class.

Potter’s Wheel classes are limited to no less than 6 and no more than 7 participants, in order to maximize the workshop experience for each participant.

The Potter’s Wheel workshop costs $450 per person. Breakfast and lunch are included in the cost if the workshop is held at a JCM location, and lodging will be provided if you are from out of town.
Note: Tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration, and is transferable but non-refundable.

If you are interested in bringing Potter’s Wheel to your area the trainers would be happy to schedule a workshop. In that case, the cost per participant is $550, $50 of which will be given to the host who will be responsible forbreakfast and lunch.