the jcm team

john and patti cepinJohn and Patti Cepin founded Journey Companions Ministries because of their mutual desire to help church leaders, missionaries, and lay people develop a deeper awareness of God’s redemptive work.

The Cepins feel called to help equip the body of Christ to care deeply for the souls of others and train up God's people who can fascilitate spiritual direction and soul care in the lives of others.

Building upon their training from Drs. Larry Crabb and Dan Allender, at Grace Theological Seminary, they’ve sought to bring practical soul care and seminary level study to the common person.

They have cumulatively spent thousands of hours caring for others and offer insight and perspective into how the Spirit of God nurtures, transforms, and renews our hearts.

JCM was born out of the need to make soul care and good discipleship transferable, understandable, and practical.

tuscon teamMany others volunteer with Journey Companions because of a deep kinship with its mission and message. We currently have teams in Arizona and Southern California.